Cowie’s analysis of RCA

Paper Assignment
Economic History of the U.S. II Hendrickson
The Basics:
1. 5-8 pages
2. Double spaced
3. Include page numbers
4. Citation Format: This paper is required to follow Chicago Manual of Style or MLA
guidelines for proper footnotes and bibliographic citations. There is only one source for the paper, but proper citation of evidence and arguments is a good practice to get into.
5. Standard margins—Approximately 1.25 on left and right margins and 1 on top and bottom
6. Due Date—In class on Thursday, November 19th (note that this is a change from the day [Tuesday, November 17th] listed on the syllabus). For each day the paper is late, you will be docked one step in your letter grade (i.e. from a B+ to a B).
7. To receive credit for the paper, you must turn in both a hard copy and an electronic version For those of you unfamiliar with this process, we will talk more about it during lecture.
8. Source for the paper: Jefferson Cowie, Capital Moves: RCA’s Seventy-Year Quest for Cheap Labor
Capital mobility and globalization have had a dramatic impact on twentieth century United States economic history and development. We often view capital mobility as a relatively recent phenomenon. Not so, says Jefferson Cowie. Cowie’s describes this change beginning in the United States and later extending Ciudad Juárez. In Cowie’s telling of the story reasons and effects of capital mobility were well established long before RCA decided to begin manufacturing its products in Mexico.
In your essay, you should use Cowie’s analysis of RCA to address two sets of questions: First, why did RCA move? Second, as you survey RCA’s movement nationally and internationally, can you identify any patterns in the experiences of the workers and communities where RCA established production facilities?


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