Create new directory in htdocs

There is a very simple website with three pages Create new directory in htdocs, download it and unzip the files, place them in that new directory.
The directory structure should be

1. Study index.php code. You will find different ways of how you can include files in php
a. Including html files <?php include ‘menu.html’; ?>
b. Including php files

2. Add a form to collect username and password. The user should be authenticated through LDAP The form must have the same design as my webpages.

3. If the user was successfully authenticated, then show the content of the site (3 points), if not, then display a menu and a message “To use this web site, you need to have valid credentials”. This page also must have the same design.

4. Add a link to a logout page to every page on the website (3 points). Logout php code needs to destroy session and expire cookies (see code in this module) (4 points)

What to submit:
1. One report file with code and screenshots to prove that your lab 11 code is functioning as required (do not include any other screenshots).

To check that log out page works, after logout, try to open any website page again, and provide a screenshot of the result.


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