Creativity In Marketing

You can chose any company for the assignment (pick a known one), the assignment brief explains what you have to do which I have uploaded. The word limit for this assignment is 2000 words. I have paid for 2475, so with the extra 475 words put them toward the areas which are not within the word limit (not the free features as they are already included) such as diagrams, tables, graphs and appendices with explanations. (In order to gain the best high mark hopefully a 1st). So then with the 2000 words can concentrate on putting the assignment together. So then with the inclusion of the free features such as the title page, contents, layout and bibliography/references, the assignment will be a complete document.

So: 2000 for assignment. 425 for appendices and graphs etc. and then three free features are going to be their such as title, contents and references.

Use diagrams, graphs, appendices throughout but professionally backing up what you say. And also make sure to use the free features such as the page layout title page contents references etc.

Internet references aim for around 3-4 and then the rest 5-8 as normal references. (Harvard referencing method)

I have uploaded an example assignment which is the same what I have to do, the assignment got 58-60%, but I am wanting the highest mark (1st) so it is there for extra reading if needed, obviously we will be doing a different company but it is there as a like marking scheme to see what the markers wants to gain a percentage but I want the quality of mine to be better (1st as I selected).

The 2 documents which I have attached:

Assignment brief
Module syllabus 

Example assignment of past student (They received 58-60%% I am hoping for a 1st class mark as that’s what I have selected (above 68%) so should be better class than this) It is there for extra help/reading make mine better to a first class mark!


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