Credit rating report for CSL Group



Based on the publicly available information of CSL Group ( , its industry sector and the economies that it trades in, prepare a credit rating report for the company.


 To analyse and evaluate publicly available information and prepare a ratings report for a public Australian company.
 To develop and analyse the results of credit analysis models.
 Students should use Capacity analysis (historical and forecast), Character analysis, Median Rating model (forecast) and Altman Z score model (forecast) in their reports. 
 To help you to improve your ability to communicate via written English.

Reference Materials:

 The textbook and the lecture notes.
 Databases (see the resources uploaded in LMS). 
 As the median rating financial ratios are not freely available to the public, students can use the median ratings financial ratios (2005-2007 average) in the lecture notes as a “hypothetical” median ratings table for this assignment. However, if you can find a more recent one, you are strongly recommended to use that one.
 Financial statements and other information provided by the company (
 Other Internet resources – e.g. ratings agencies, stock market analysts.
 Newspaper reports.
 Any other publicly available information.
 You may not contact the company directly for information.


Typed in 12-point font using Times or Times New Roman at 1.5 or double spacing. Left and right margins should be set to 3.5 cm or 1.5 inches. Pages should be numbered consecutively. You should cite all the references (i.e. the sources of the information) correctly in you text and list all the references at the end of your report. 

Additional information

Word Limit:

4000 words. This is a guide. There will not be an explicit penalty for exceeding this word limit, but assignments with insufficient information (i.e. well under 4000 words) and assignments that are unnecessarily long will receive fewer marks within the marking scheme.


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