Crisis Case Study Paper

The case: Barclays’ interest rate scandal (the Libor scandal) in 2012
Conduct research on and analyze the Barclays’ crisis, then write a crisis case study paper on it. The crisis case study paper should include: 

(1) An historical overview of the organization, its brands and or services. 
(2) A chronological tracing and a critical assessment of the crisis. Consider conducting research by obtaining organizational documents, official statements, and media reports. Make sure to include direct quotes gathered from these documents to give the case study flavor. Make sure you include in-text citation of research.
(3) An analysis, guided by appropriate theory of the organization’s response to the crisis (e.g. Benoit’s theory of image restoration, news framing theory, situational crisis communication theory etc.).
(4) An assessment of the success or failure of the organization’s actions or communication strategies based on effects, aesthetics, ethics, or comparison to other cases. Select any of the lessons from the course text, Effective Crisis Communication that you feel helps explain the crisis and crisis response (feel free to mix and match lessons). At the end of the crisis case study paper , you should be able to clearly state the lessons that were learned from the Barclay’s case. 
(a digital version of the textbook Effective Crisis Communication will be uploaded to this order. The lessons introduced in the textbook can be found at the end of the chapter 3, chapter 5 and chapter 7. Pick a few lessons that you think are relevant to the Barclays’ case to discuss in your paper.)


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