critical evaluation on OLS regression analysis

you are required to provide a critical evaluation on OLS regression analysis. You should review the relevant literature on research methods, explain the underlying philosophy for this research method, and more importantly, evaluate this method in terms of its generalizability, validity and reliability. Some comparison between this method and other qualitative research methods are welcomed. You may also explain whether and how qualitative research methods may be applied in accounting and finance research to address the limitations of regressions.

It should not exceed 1,000 words.

Bibliography & Referencing:

You are required to consult academic journal articles of good quality1and textbooks,

where appropriate. Please remember to reference your sources using an appropriate

citation system (Harvard style). Essays will lose marks for poor referencing.

Guidance and tutorials for the Harvard referencing style can be found online:…

1.For the rankings of accounting and finance journals, please refer to the ABS list:

You don’t need to start with a abstract, instruction.

Just answer the question directly

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