critical review of the article by Urciuoli

Total words count for this report is approximately 1500 (10% tolerance). This number includes tables, figures, diagrams
but excludes reference list.

Write a critical review of the article by Urciuoli el al. (2014). Students are required to use proper
academic research or publications (i.e. peer-reviewed) to support their arguments.

References & Requirements

1. Use at least five (5) academic references to support your critical review.
2. Proper referencing and in-text citation is compulsory. Failure to provide in-text citation may
warrant an immediate failure. Refer to RMIT library website
( for referencing guideline.
3. The use of the RMIT library database ( or scholar Google
( to search for relevant articles is highly
4. The suggested referencing style is Harvard style or RMIT library recommended style.
5. A folder that contains online guide for effective literature review and critique has been made
available for your assistance. The online guides will assist you in structuring your critique.


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