Critical review of the article

There are two topics to choose, which are
—Dorothy Ko, “The Body as Attire: The Shifting Meanings of Footbinding in Seventeenth-Century China,” Journal of Women’s History, vol. 8, No 4 (Winter 1997), pp. 8-27 [THIS ARTICLE CAN BE ACCESSED ONLINE VIA THE UWO LIBRARY CATALOGUE]


—Susan Mann, “Widows in the Kinship, Class, and Community Structures of Qing Dynasty China,” The Journal of Asian Studies 46, 1 (Feb., 1987), pp 37-56 [THIS ARTICLE CAN BE ACCESSED ONLINE THROUGH JSTOR VIA THE UWO LIBRARY CATALOGUE]
The written assignment is to discuss the article, as a historical source, to think critically about the article as the author’s piece of work.


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