critique of an article

Topic – childhood obesity

When you reach the last part (IMPLICATIONS FOR MY WORK or HEALTH EDUCATOR) you can write that part through the lens of a Elementary school teacher. I am a teacher, so it would be best if you can write through the teacher lens, and if not you can write it through the lens of a health educator like the sample critique does. PLEASE follow the critique format, and language that was used in the sample. It should be a reference for you as you complete the paper. My topic is childhood obesity (not adolescence) but childhood. The article must be about childhood obesity and must use the framework of the Health Belief Model or the Theory of Reasoned Action. That is a very important part of this assignment. Please reach out to me with any questions comments or concerns. If you have an article that you are unsure of the theoretical framework, please find an article that is clear about the Health Belief Model or the Theory of Reasoned Action.


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