Cultural Geography Unit 4 Scholarly Activity

Unit IV Scholarly Activity
Travel Writing
Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write about a landscape or place that you have visited that you think
others might enjoy. It can be local, national, or international. It can be a city, town, country, state, island, region, or other
location. It can be anywhere that you have lived or visited. As part of your travel article, you must include a general
background of the area, map, pictures, and information on some of the specific places of interest worth visiting. Below are
the specific requirements for this assignment. Be descriptive, and have fun with this one!
SOC 2010, Cultural Geography 4
Travel Writer Assignment Requirements Check List
Brief general description of the travel location.
Include information such as the following: where the place is located, why you picked the
location, ethnicity of the people, beliefs, language spoken, climate, or any important
cultural, geographical, and/or historical information you think would be interesting to the
A map of the location (the type of map is up to you)
Provide a description of at least two specific places of interest at the travel location.
Places of interest can include: a landmark, place, monument, or landscape that is insightful
into the area’s history and/or culture.
It is required that the description of the place of interest include the following:
1. Description and background of the place of interest (include information such as
follows: name, man-made? Age? When built? Size? Why was it built? Who built it?
Is it natural/not man made? Has it been altered by man?)
2. The symbolism, meaning, or cultural significance that is attached to the place of
interest? What does it mean to people? What does it symbolize?
3. How does the place of interest impact the local community or local culture in a
positive and or negative way (tourism? recreation? jobs? beauty? worship?
community? environmentally?)
4. Include an image of the place of interest in your travel essay. *Remember the
images must include citations/reference.
Your paper should be written in APA style with a minimum of 2 pages (not including the title
and reference pages).
At least one source, other than the textbook, is required to be used for this assignment.
You can use travel websites, related magazines (e.g., National Geographic).
APA in-text citations for all images and written material taken from sources is required. If
the image is your own picture, please indicate so in the citations/reference.

Course Textbook
Knox, P. L., & Marston, S. A. (2016). Human geography: Places and regions in global context (7th ed.).
Boston, MA: Pearson.


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