Cultures of Spain

Using source, Douglass, C. B. (1999). Bulls, bullfighting, and Spanish identities. Tucson, AZ: The University of
Arizona Press. ISBN: 9780816516520
Answer the following questions with a minimum of four sentences a question. Make sure to label the question with the response. 

1. Explain what is meant by the statement “The bull is the totem of Spain.” In other words, why is the bull identified with Spain and the Spaniards?

2. Like any other sport, there is a certain formula that is followed in a bullfight. From start to finish, describe this event. What are the stages of a bullfight and who are the participants?

3. When do bullfights usually take place? Include days and seasons.

4. Describe the regional (geographic, political, etc.) divisions toward bullfighting.

5. What effect did the civil war and resulting dictatorship have on los toros?

6. Why would people willingly choose to rick their life by participating in los toros?


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