Currency Wars: Predictable?

Topic: Currency Wars
Short 15-page research Paper should include an abstract, an introduction stating this is the beginning leading to a final thesis, a regression model using Eviews9 with 4 independent variables, and a list of references (10 internet sources / 10 research paper or book references). Please include data sources from NBER, World Bank, Bloomberg and most importantly St. Louis Fed (
Core assumption: In the last 30 years or so, Currency appreciation/devaluation in China (Y) is correlated to US S&P change (S), US Trade deficits change (T), US Government debt change (D) and US GDP change (G). Discuss each variable and indicate which variable might be inter-dependent and possibly be carrying effects of causality.

The monthly data for deficit and debt are on public US gov website withone key word Google search. St. Louis Fed and other sources are ones suggested by me, not limited by me. I really double you have the ability to handle real master/PhD degree work in this field at all! Undergrads showed more initiative and commitment than you! You misseddeadline afterdeadline self-imposed by yourself without apology and now decide to drop this order at the eleventh hour. Your competency, work ethics and integrity are quite questionable. Only your ego is beyond reproach.


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