There will be 7 Discussion Boards Forums throughout this course. The purpose of each forum is to generate collaborative interaction among students and the instructor concerning issues relevant to this course’s content. In each module/week, you are required to post a single thread that provides answers to at least 2 sets of questions. The combined word count for all answers in each thread must be 500–600 words. (You are, however, responsible to study and answer all forum questions in order to be properly prepared for this course’s quizzes.) You will receive no extra credit for exceeding the maximum word count.
You must also include some reflective statements and/or applications for today’s modern audience. Support your arguments, conclusions, and assertions with at least 5 scholarly citations and footnotes in each thread. If you cite any outside sources (i.e., non-textbooks), you must use current Turabian format for Liberal Arts citations as mandated by the Seminary. You may use the course textbooks to meet the requirement of 5 scholarly citations. You may also use other relevant textbooks, scholarly articles, and online sources in which the author is identified and qualifies as a scholar in fields that are related to this course’s content (i.e., New Testament Studies, ancient Jewish or Roman History, or the History of the Early Church). Do not use anonymous online sources (e.g., Wikipedia, etc.) as they cannot be counted for meeting the minimum requirement for 5 scholarly citations.

You must answer 2 sections of the questions below. Support your answers with the information found in your textbooks, but also feel free to use critical outside sources to add to the conversation as needed. Cite all sources using current Turabian format. Restate the questions to which you are responding at the beginning of each thread. Post a single thread; do not post a separate thread for each section of questions. Then reply to the threads of 2 different classmates by Sunday evening. Do not duplicate your replies to different classmates; each reply must be original to the specific thread of the student with whom you are interacting.

1. What are the Synoptic Gospels and to what does the term “Synoptic Problem” refer? Are there really any problems with the Synoptic Gospels? Do the differences found in the Synoptic Gospels present a threat to their validity for understanding the ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ or the historical events concerning his life and resurrection?

2. Define the following terms and explain from whom they originated: The Augustinian View; Literary Independence; Markan Priority; Matthean Priority; The Two-Gospel Hypothesis (or “Theory”); The Two-Document (or “Source”) Hypothesis; The Farrer-Goulder Hypothesis. Which hypothesis do you think best explains the literary relationship between the Synoptic Gospels?

3. What are “Form Criticism,” “Source Criticism,” and “Redaction Criticism”? How are they different? Which one is most useful for addressing the Synoptic Problem and why? What is the value of investigating the individual contributions and emphases found in each of the Synoptic Gospels?
This module focuses on the basic issues related to the study of the Gospels of Mark, Luke, and John. The material contained in this section focuses especially on an overview of the contents of each Gospel. A further discussion of the Synoptic Problem is included. You will be expected to complete all the reading and written work assigned this week, so don’t delay in your studies.. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the instructor.


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