"Dear White People"

“Dear White People”

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At first, please watch the movie” Dear White People”(2014), Utilizing at least 2 & no more than 3 readings, answer ONLY ONE of the prompts below:
A. Other than black, identify two marked identities evident in the movie. (You may answer this in regards to one character with two marked identities or two characters.) Be sure to address dimensions & determination of markedness, as well as the consequences.
B. Compare and contrast how two of the primary characters (Sam, Lionel, CoCo, Troy, and Dean Fairbanks) manage the contradictory status of “being a black face in a white place.”
C. In what ways are students at Winchester University engaged in acts of ethnic renewal/reculturation? What do they stand to gain?
Please DON’T USE OUTSIDE SOURCES!! And Make sure you have good UNDERSTANDING of the movie and readings!!!!!THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
Just answer the question(s). Your essay should be 3 pages long, with proper transitions. You only have 3 pages to complete the assignment, so do not waste space on a general discussion. I will not grade anything that continues onto a fourth page.
You must have a thesis statement! If you do not have a thesis statement, you will lose a letter grade for the assignment.
Proofread your work! Although a couple of mechanical errors will not negatively impact your grade, any essay with three or more errors in the first paragraph will not be graded. It will be returned to you as an “F.”

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