Describe the control systems for the respiratory and cardiac systems

Task Title
Describe the control systems for the respiratory and cardiac systems. Discuss circulatory diseases and the effect of smoking on these systems.


Assessment Outline (must follow and add more sub-headings where necessary) :

You should describe the control systems, covering the following;

·        Explain how breathing and pulse rates are controlled

·        Explain how blood is redistributed during exercise

You should describe circulatory diseases, covering the following;

·        Describe the effect of circulatory disease on the circulation system

·        Describe the relationship between the following and circulatory disease;

o   Diet

o   Blood Pressure

o   Blood cholesterol

You should research the effects of smoking, covering the following;

·        Analyse the relationship between smoking and coronary heart disease

·        Analyse the relationship between smoking and lung cancer

·        Evaluate the effects of smoking on the respiratory and cardiac systems.

You must use images to illustrate your points.

You must use the Harvard Referencing system.

Assessment Criteria (MUST READ and MUST COMPLY)
4.1 Explain the mechanisms for regulating the ventilation and pulse rates
4.2 Explain the processes for redistributing blood during exercise.
5.1 Describe the changes in artery structure associated with circulatory disease.
5.2 Discuss the relationship between diet, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and circulatory disease.
6.1 Analyse the relationships between a) smoking and coronary heart disease, b) smoking and lung cancer
6.2 Evaluate the risks of smoking

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