Describe the relationship between the three principal characters

Describe the relationship between the three principal characters – Jimmy, Crake (or Glenn), and Oryx – in Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake. What different values or ways of understanding the world do these characters represent and how does Atwood show this? What do you think Atwood wants to convey through her portrayal of these characters?
Note(very important!!!): 1. All essays must include a minimum of 10 page references to document points of exposition and criticism.(use at least 10 examples in the book to prove thesis) (focus on examples in the book) 2. In-text reference should be in this format (Hedges, 2009: 15)
3. You need to answer the prompts pecifically.(a specific thesis statement)
4. You need to write an argument, which focus on the prompt, in each body paragraph, not just write some summary.
Important: you need to be more thorough actually engage with the essay prompt and answer the questions.(40% argument and 60% examples please


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