Design a lamp model for a Manufacturing Process Design course

The project is about to design a lamp model for a Manufacturing Process Design course. I will be uploading a file that contains an Individual assignment and Group assignment. Please do only the Individual assignment. Feel free to provide all details needed and provide all work that is asked. I believe this assignment is about making ideas to do the project. I will also upload the marking scheme of the assignment please do look at it and make sure you do talk about all points of the Individual part.
Project Statement:

You have been given the responsibility to fabricate a variable positioning lamp ( ). The individual elements need to be made, and assembled. Commercial items are to be used as appropriate. You need to consider how to assemble your project in conjunction with making the individual components.
The available information must be reworked for your scale, and design for X considerations must be utilized.
Project Guidelines:
Must use multiple manufacturing processes
Design related calculations must be done to support your design decision making
Must create molds with minimal silicone usage
Wall thickness of mold minimum 3 mm
You must calculate the amount of resin and molding material required
This includes pre-determining the ratios for the materials
Minimum 2 joining methods must be utilized
Minimum and maximum component thickness to be justified
You can design for X and modify the geometry for joining or to provide economies of scale advantages
The design for X related decision making must be discussed in the report
Scale: to be determined in class
Rm 1189 is being set up to be your work area


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