Design and drawing ,detailing a road (civil engineering )

Your tasks 
1. With reference to the Designer’s outline drawing (HDC/716406A/011/01), discuss the factors you believe have been taken into account in the location of the access road shown.
2. Discuss the factors which affect the capacity of a road such as the main A64 York Road between chainages 0 and 300.
3. Identify what other junction types could have been used at this location. Compare and contrast these with the signal-controlled junction chosen by the Designer. You may use a table to present your answer (10 marks) 
Killian Ngong, the module lecturer has argued that a roundabout would have been a better option for this development access. 
4. Using route location principles, and the scaled plan provided, sketch a suitable alignment for your proposed access road into the development site incorporating a roundabout at the junction. This should extend for a minimum of 150m into the development and include a turning facility within the development site for construction vehicles.

5. Draw a suitable horizontal alignment showing the main road and your access road including the roundabout option. The drawing should show the alignment 150m either side of your junction. Use different colours to show the carriageway, footway and verge areas. You should also label the lane widths and key dimensions, as well as show clearly your proposals for dealing with the existing bridge and the river. 
6. Using the spot levels on the topographical survey drawing, design a suitable vertical alignment of the access road and the realigned main road. Produce a typical cross-section of the access road and two further cross sections on the main road either side of your proposed junction.


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