Need to write about current work (250 words) and future plan (250 words).
The tutor requires the academic work, the words need to be academic like an essay. In the uploaded additional files, the 3 pdf are the sample, please have a look. and the placement report and Production project proposal help to write the future plan. also please have a look for my two designed website (old and new)

Part 1 — Current work — 250 words
The current work is about set up a photography business and the negotiate project is redesign my website, from to , you can see from the old website is using wordpress giving model only, but in the new website, I used the skills I learned from the university course, I used those skills to redesign the website and make it have my own style, use the colour that I like, not using the wordpress model anymore. and I am using the photoshop to design the new website, I am so confidence to use photoshop now, but my indesign skill need to improve, it is because my university major is photography, so the website design used many photos that I take.


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