Designing Experiments

This is as much a list of what the project is not as it is a list of what it is.
There is more information in the text—see chapter 20.
The project involves a designed experiment, not an observational study or a survey.
You need to clearly identify experimental units and treatments and, if appropriate, blocking factors and measurement units.
Describe how you use randomization in your experiment.
You should analyze the data using methods we have covered in this course, such as ANOVA for a continuous response.
Remember that we’ve studied comparative experiments, so you probably want to examine differences between treatments.
No human subjects, nor anything else that would require review board approval.
You need to propose a question, plan an experiment to answer that question, perform that experiment, collect and analyze the data, and write a final report covering all of that.
Remember to include in both the proposal and the final report enough background information so someone who is not trained in your area of expertise can understand what you’re trying to do and why someone would want to do it.
This has to be a new experiment; you cannot just take some old data from work you did before and reanalyze that.


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