Develop a Spreadsheet using a Spreadsheet Application

Develop a Spreadsheet using a Spreadsheet Application
develop an Excel Worksheet to complete this assignment.

1. The worksheet must include Row headings and Column headings. The Worksheet must have at least seven Rows and seven Columns. Make the Row headings a time series such as days of the week, or months of the year. Make the Column headings categories of food items you would sell at a grocery store.

2. The numbers that fill the Rows and Columns will be the number of items sold during whatever time period you set. You will just make up the fictitious numbers.

3. Change the Font style and Font size of the numbers in the Worksheet.

4. Change the Row and Column headins to Bold Font.

5. Use the Formula (AutoSum is easiest) to add the numbers in each Column. Display the totals at the bottom of each Column.

6. Create an appropriate chart for your Worksheet. Include the Row headings and Column headings in the chart. Do not include the totals in the chart as this will skew the results.

7. Save the Workbook (complete with the chart).

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