Developing Psychological Perspective

Summary & Purpose
Critical thinking and practical application are two essential components of a college education. This assignment provides the opportunity to critically think about how course content informs and applies to your perspective of the world.

As you are studying psychology, perhaps some theories, empirical studies, findings and/or perspectives are more interesting to you than others. This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore and decipher which psychological perspective(s) are most intriguing to you in interpreting the world around you.

Part 1 – My Developing Psychological Perspective – (20 points) – Length: 2 pages Review Figure 1.3Contemporary theoretical perspectives in psychology on page 10 of the textbook. Which perspective most closely aligns with your view of behavior? Why and how?

Part 2 – My Preferred Research Area – (20 points) – Length: 2 pages
Review Figure 1.7 Major research areas in contemporary psychology on page 17 of the textbook. If you were to take on psychological research today, which area would you choose and why? What variables would you like to study? What specific research would you like to be conducted in your chosen area? Propose three potential studies you’d like to see conducted.

Part 3 – My Interests – (10 points) – Length: 1 page. Also respond to the following questions:
– Which chapter(s) of the textbook captured your attention, peaked your interest, provided clarity to your experience?
– What has been the best part of this course for you?
– What in the course has been the most challenging for you?

Textbook used in class: 
*Psychology, Themes & Variations, Briefer Version, 9th Edition by Wayne Weiten from Cengage Learning

My pick for part 1 and part 2:
Part 1: Psychoanalytic
Part 2: Social Psychology (Because I major in Industrial Psychology)

Format Guidelines:
* All assignments should be typewritten and double spaced with one inch page margins and
page numbers unless otherwise noted. Use 12 point Arial, Tahoma or Georgia font. Note: If any portion is not required as typewritten, all work must be legible or it will not be accepted/graded.

* Use a title page that includes your full name, the course and start time, the name of the assignment. Cite all references as appropriate. Title page and references are not included in your page count. Length refers to pages of text.

* Pay special attention to the required length of each assignment/part. “2-3 pages” means a minimum of two pages and a maximum of three. Don’t submit any less than two pages or any more than three pages, or you run the risk of receiving no points.

* If assignments are more than one page, they must be stapled together (before arriving at class) or they will be deemed unacceptable and receive no points.

* Assignments that do not follow these format guidelines run the risk of receiving no points.


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