Development of a Group Program

Assignment I: Development of a Group Program, Part 1
(Value = 40 points)

Develop a comprehensive group program for one population at risk in a rural area.
The assignment has to be completed in the format of a group manual. The group program should
include all elements of the group process and should be based on the group planning model that
will be presented in class and also reviewed in the Toseland & Rivas text. Examples will be
discussed in class. Part 1 will include your choice of population, references that will be used and
an overall outline based on materials presented by the Professor in class.

The manual should be between 15 and 20 full pages, typewritten, double-spaced (in addition to title page) and in APA format. The paper will reflect your critical thinking and examination of course topics. Each student is expected to apply professional writing competencies in the preparation of the paper. Your manual should reflect creativity as it applies to specific topics in the group program. You need to research and include 8 references on the specific population at risk, 2 references on rural issues related to the population if available and 2 references on social work with groups, preferably group interventions related to the population and intervention that is being proposed. All references need to be within the last 10 years and from peer reviewed journal publications.

Assignment II: Development of a group program, Part 2
(Value = 45 points)

Building upon the work done in the first part of Assignment 1, Assignment 2 will include the fully developed group program module including a beginning, middle and end of the group program process. Examples and readings for this assignment will be based on classroom instruction and materials provided by the Professor.

Class Presentation of Group Program Intervention (Assign 1 & 2)
(Value = 35 points)

Key elements of the group program intervention that is developed will need to be synthesized
and presented to the class. The format for this will be outlined in class and can include power
point, hand-outs, class demonstration or other presentation methods as approved by the


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