Development of NEW environment friendly fuel "GAS 100"

Company: ARAMCO
Chosen target country: Saudi Arabia
Product/Service: Development of NEW environment friendly fuel “GAS 100”

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2. Corporate Profile and Nature of the Business
The corporate profile details the company’s history, vision, mission, product, capabilities and expertise.

3. Management and Human Resources

This section assesses the management competencies of the company in relation to its ability to operate the business within an international context and how it compensates for the areas in which it is weak. It also addresses the human resources requirements needed once the business goes international. These requirements could be in marketing, accounting, production personnel, after-sales service, shipping, etc.

4. Target Market and Environmental Scan “Saudi

This section describes the target market/country in terms of the factors within that country that will have an impact on the company’s ability to do business there. It will also describe the target customer and forecast the potential sales that this segment of the market represents.

5. Competitor Analysis: “SHELL”

Review of firm’s top competitors & their relative market share. Examine markets that competitors serve & the strategies they employ

6. Objectives

Projected sales, Market share, Costs, and profit for the first 5 years of business.

7. Market Entry and Marketing Strategy

The market entry section describes the strategy to be used by the business to enter the chosen market. It may choose to sell directly or use an agent. The strategy will also describe the clientele being targeted by the company and the marketing strategy to be used to enter the chosen market. It describes the opportunity in terms of product, price, place, promotion, people, and after-sales service.V


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