Diagram of my ISD process

Diagram of your ISD process
For this activity you get to unlock your creativity completely. During this course we’ve investigated a number of instructional design models and followed the basic Smith & Ragan Model. We have discussed the risks and potential consequences of skipping any step in the model. Through your experience, create your own map/diagram/visual aid of how you perceive the instructional design process or how you might implement it in your place of work. This can be a digital image, a prezi, a video, a drawing, a photo, or anything else you can think of. Your diagram should illustrate your emotions/passion as well as contain the basic ADDIE elements. We’ll be sharing these as a class during the last few class meetings.


Scoring: Compilation – 50 pts
Model that contains all the basic ISD steps in some way – 20 points
Clarity of model and the process it describes – 20 points
Creativity/Originality of the model – 10 points


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