Diet Analysis Project

4. Evaluate your food intake. Examine all 3-Day Average reports which you printed and compare your actual intake with your DRI goals and discuss each report addressing the adequacy of all nutrients analyzed. Did you consume too little or too much of certain nutrients? For low nutrient values list specific foods which you could consume to increase these low values. For high nutrient values, check your Intake Spreadsheets to identify the food sources contributing to these high nutrient values, so that you will be able to modify them in the future. Suggest changes that are feasible for you or state why change is not needed.

Review your Intake Spreadsheets. Did the calories or nutrient composition of any food you consumed surprise you; e.g., too many calories, too much fat, too much sodium, etc. 

Furthermore, indicate the factor or factors that influenced your selection of the specific food you ate. For example, if you ate a candy bar before your evening class, did you choose it because you passed the vending machine on your way to class, or because you didn’t have enough money to buy something else, or you were stressed and candies always make you feel better, etc. Are you reading food labels? Reflect on your overall dietary intake and indicate the most common factor influencing your food choices.

Minimum 1000 words; no points will be taken off if your evaluation is longer. 

Evaluation/discussion of the 3-Day Average Reports: 36 points 

Factor(s) influencing food choices: 4 points (do not make this the emphasis of your paper)

5. It is suggested to use subtitles (Intake vs. Goals Report, Macronutrient


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