Digital Business in the Social Age

This task is split into two parts:

  1. The development of a website demonstrating the ability to plan, design and deliver an online presence for a fictional or current business. (60 % of the final mark)
  2. A 1200 word written report on rationale of current approach and future developments of the work demonstrated in the portfolio, supported by evidence from contemporary academic and business thinking. (40% of the final mark)

Part 1 · The website will consist of a minimum of 4 different web pages each linked via a common navigation bar theme to achieve a pass grade . You will also demonstrate the ability to integrate with at least one 3 rd party web-based tool such as Facebook, twitter or other products to enhance customer engagement and support the brand development of the product or service.

  • Part of the marking process will include being able to view your website on-line to ensure that you have met the criteria for the assessment. You must therefore provide a link to the website on the hosting service that has been used in order for your work to be marked. The web site address must be clearly identified within your report. Without this you will receive zero marks for the website.
  • The website should be hosted using a free webhosting service such as those you have been using in the class e.g. You can also choose to pay for a hosting service for your site but this will not have any bearing on your grade. You can choose to either:
  1. Download basic web page templates for free from the internet and then customise those templates for your own web design for your business. E.g. using a CSS template from . You should check to ensure the template you have selected is responsive and is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 or above.
  2. Create your own templates for your own web design for your business. This option must be agreed with the tutor in advance of the coursework submission Whichever option you choose the website will be assessed based on the difference between the starting template and the finished website. You should not use: Website templates provided by a hosting service as you will not be able to demonstrate your application or understanding of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to change the look and style of your web pages as this is controlled through the hosting service interface. You should not use web site tools that build the site for you or allow you to simply drag and drop content such as “Wix” templates. Website Content:
  • The minimum pages should all be linked via a navigation bar and include: o Home page: providing some overall information about your business Digital Business In the Social Age Assessment Aug 2015 Page 4 of 7 o About us: About the company and what your company aims are etc o Contact Us: Information on how to contact the company, or interact with the company o One additional page: this should provide further information about your products or service or develop means for users of the site to engage with you.
  • Each of the pages must be properly populated with sufficient content appropriate to your business idea.
  • There should be a maximum of 9 pages for the purpose of the assessment.
  • Each page must have a footnote or simple disclaimer to identify that this is an academic project website and does not offer the products or services advertised in their current form.


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