Digital Media

Assignment 3 detailed requirements

Assignment 3 — Online Presentation

You will create a simple Website in HTML and CSS to present your digital story created for Assignment 2.

Criteria and Requirements 

The design of the interface of the Website must demonstrate your understanding of framing, principles and elements of design, visual composition, image editing and compression techniques. All coding is to be completed in a text editor not a WYSIWYG editor (you can use Dreamweaver but in developer mode – code). This is to ensure that your demonstrate competence in html and css coding before being introduced to authoring applications in subsequent years.


Your assignment must incorporate the following:

An initial home page for your research project including:

  • banner (maximum width 600 pixels);
  • introductory text describing your organisation and project;
  • an image relevant to your research and home page;
  • an treatment/synopsis;
  • links to a minimum of three additional pages;
  • footer with your name and mailto link (email address) along with date last updated

Page two:

  • a banner;
  • embedded final movie as submitted for Assignment 2;
  • an outline of your story;
  • footer with your name and mailto link (email address) along with date last updated

Page three:

  • a banner;
  • a selection of featured images from your digital story;
  • footer with your name and mailto link (email address) along with date last updated

Page four: 

  • a banner;
  • credits for your production;
  • footer with your name and mailto link (email address) along with date last updated


Your final banner composition must show evidence of having made a clean selection from at least one other image (no stray pixels) and that selection must be on its own layer in your final composition. Your banner must include at least two layers and have employed a masking technique. The text must be in a separate layer and at least one layer style must be employed. The text must be legible against the background. All four pages must comply with Level A Success criteria based on the W3C accessibility guidelines ( and must incorporate Cascading Style Sheets for formatting text and layout. Each html page must also include a link back to the referring home page (ie no dead ends or orphan pages). All images must be compressed to an APPROPRIATE format for Web delivery. In keeping with usability principles, all pages (other than the page containing your digital story) should download within 10 second at dial-up connection speed. This means the total weight of each page, excluding the digital story page, should be no more than 65 KB in combined file size. The associated ‘raw’ images must be saved in your ‘raw’ folder and the corrected layered Photoshop files must be saved in your ‘finals’ folder. Each Photoshop file must include an annotation describing the techniques used, and the files must be in a layered Photoshop format. Professional practice expectations apply to this assignment. This means participation in class sessions, maintenance of your Ideas Blog, participation in online activities and behaving in a professional and ethical manner is a requirement. Detailed criteria will be made available for download on the course website.


Relevant Resources 

The following resources will help you with the design of your final Website for Assignment 3:

Online site to check cross-browser compatibility of your site:

W3C Accessibility Guidelines 2.0:

W3C HTML Validation tool:

W3C CSS Validation tool:

Website for checking to see that your chosen colour scheme provides adequate colour contrast: nositycontrastrati o.php

Tutorial on how to create an image gallery in CSS:

Firefox add-on to check your site for validation errors and accessibility compliance:

Internet Explorer Web accessibility toolbar:

Firefox Web developer extension:

Free text and code editors:

PsPad for Windows:

ConTEXT for Windows:

Smultron for MAC:

CSE HTML Validator Lite – combined html editor and validation software for Windows:


Submission Method 

Your assignment must be submitted via your Moodle blog (attached as zipped folder). All textual content of the website must be saved as Microsoft Word document and submitted via TurnitIn. All html files and css files must be saved in your Web folder, all associated images (compressed images for the Web) should be saved in the images folder within the Web folder, and your video should be linked to your digital story page from the images folder within your Web folder. Your raw (original unedited) files of images used for the website should be saved in a folder OUTSIDE the Web folder in a folder called ‘raw’ and your corrected PSD files of images used for the website with layers and annotations (including the banner file showing masking employed) should be saved in a ‘finals’ folder OUTSIDE the Web folder (attached as separate zipped folders and submitted via Moodle). To ensure cross-server compatibility all web pages should be saved with up to 8 alpha or numeric characters in lowercase (no symbols or spaces) with a 3 character extension .htm, and css files should similarly be a limit of 8 alpha-numeric characters in lower case followed by the 3 character extension .css. All image files must follow the same convention with no more than 8 alpha-numeric lower case letters followed by a 3 character extension depending on the file format (ie either .jpg or .gif). Folder names should be lower case and no more than 8 characters. Your Ideas Blog should be updated and should document the decisions you have made in designing your Website, any issues encountered and how they were resolved.



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