disaster Management 2 Assignment 3

disaster Management 2 Assignment 3


Please answer the following questions. Please if possible use the two reference below. The answers can be found in these two books. Chapters 7 and 9

1. McGlown, K. & Robinson, P. (2011). Anticipate, respond, recover: Healthcare leadership and catastrophic events. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

2. Reilly, M. & Markenson, D. (2011). Healthcare emergency management: Principles and Practice. Sudbury, MA; Jones and Bartlett.
(1) How can trauma and hospital systems enhance the public health response to disasters?

(2) Describe a system’s approach to collaborative response. In what way does this approach enhance the healthcare community’s ability to conduct the medically centric incident management mission?
Part 2

(1) How adequate are detailed, written hospital emergency management/operations plans in facilitating rapid and coordinated response? How might static written plans impede the incident management mission?

(2) Healthcare organizations will invariably face significant challenges when responding to large-scale disasters. Discuss some of these challenges and offer some considerations for overcoming them.


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