Disaster Management

Disaster Management
Please answer the following questions. Please if possible use the two reference below. The answers can be found in these two books.

1. McGlown, K. & Robinson, P. (2011). Anticipate, respond, recover: Healthcare leadership and catastrophic events. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

2. Reilly, M. & Markenson, D. (2011). Healthcare emergency management: Principles and Practice. Sudbury, MA; Jones and Bartlett.

Also review the attached document.
Part 1
(1) The National Response Framework is based on the concept of “unified command,” which was borrowed from the U.S. Military’s command and control model used at the Geographic Combatant Commands. Explain the concept of “unified command,” and why it’s a vital construct for managing large-scale disasters.

(2) How robust is the Federal government’s response capacity (i.e., response resources), especially on the medical and public health side of the equation? How will this capacity facilitate, or conversely burden, local healthcare disaster response?

Part 2

(1) How do healthcare organizations achieve vertical (i.e., north and south) and horizontal (i.e., east and west) integration with collaborative partners to enhance preparedness and response capacity? How important is that integration in both pre-event deliberate planning and no-notice crisis action planning?

(2) Of all of the functional roles described in Chapter 9 of the Reilly and Markenson text, pick one you would describe as “most important,” and create an argument to support your selection.

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