Discussion Assignment Heredity & Evolution

Discussion Assignment Heredity & Evolution


You will take a virtual tour through the University of California’s Museum of Paleontology


On the tour, read the biographies, choose one of the historical figures, and understand his/her’s contribution to evolutionary theory and thought.
Read a professional web article.
Write a two paragraph essay (25 sentences or more) synthesizing how a theory or ideology from that time period can be applied to recent paleo-anthropological discoveries among fossil hominins.
Points possible: 25

Where to submit: Post your response in the Discussion Board under the Forum entitled “Historical Figure.”


1. Take a virtual tour through the University of California’s Museum of Paleontology. In the “Evolution Wing” click on the link called Learn about the history of evolutionary thought.

2. Choose one of the time periods: Great Naturalists of the 18th Century, Preludes to Evolution, or Natural Selection.

3. Read the biography of one of the scientists not discussed in the text.

4. Read one of the following articles:
The genes that lie beneath: The work of Leslea Hlusko

Recent developments in Paleoanthropology (any of the articles listed)

New hominin fossil finds in South Africa may fill a gap in the record of human evolution

Fossils, feet and the evolution of human bipedal locomotion

5. Write a paragraph in 25 sentences or more synthesizing how a historical research discovery or theory from the historic past influences modern evolutionary interpretations of fossil hominins (25 points = 25 sentences – see grading rubric). For example, explain how the theory or philosophy of the historical figure is being applied (or was applied) by modern paleo-anthropologists in their research.
Include the title of the article you chose.
Include a short quote from the article that shows insight about an evolutionary theory, paradigm and/or interpretation from the past.
It’s best that you write your paper on a word processor before bringing it into Blackboard. That way, you can spell-check and thoroughly edit your paper.
Go to the Discussion Board. In the forum “Historical Figure”, click Add New Thread and in the subject line type the name of the person. Paste your paper into the text field. When done, click Submit.
Read your classmates’ posts. Don’t be surprised to see questions regarding this discussion appear on your examp(1)

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