Discussion: Marx and History

Project Description

Respond to each student post (PDF) by writing a paragraph or so commenting or adding anything insightful to the post, whether it be by providing an example or finishing answering a question they might have missed or could be expanded upon. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a question. Below, is the prompt the students were asked to address (DO NOT just answer these questions, instead, add more to the students’ answers to these questions by being insightful).

Discussion: Marx and History

How do you think Marx’s ideas contributed to our historical understanding of American slavery? What is one weakness that you see in a Marxist approach to that subject? Identify what you think is the most complex or difficult aspect of American slavery in historical analysis.
Again, just respond to the students’ (PDF files) by expanding on the topic or giving examples to these questions; do not just answer the initial prompt as this is for the initial discussion board assignment.


In total this project should be at least one page. Also, if you choose to cite sources, please use Turabian formatting writing style, and as always just as a disclosure all work will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin detection software.




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