DNP Capstone Project

This paper is Doctoral of Nurse Practitioner (DNP) Capstone Project.
The purpose of project is to open up a nurse-managed clinic that is going to be serving the medically underserved community in Houston as well as serve as clinical site for nursing students affiliated with PVAMU College of Nursing.
Most of the paper is already written up to chapter 2. However, my classmates and I need help from your writer in these areas:
1) To add some literatures in the Literature Review Parts as indicated in the paper (detail instruction will be provided in the paper in ROL section-Chapter 2). Also Please include articles attached as supporting evidence.
2) Do critical appraisal of the literature reviews (indicated in the paper-Chapter 2)
3) Incorporate GRAPHS into the paper from an article provided by the customer (location and detail instruction will be provided in the paper—Section 1.2 Background to Study)
4) Ensure ALL sections/parts of the paper is ALL in APA 6th Edition format
5) Instructions are highlighted in RED and Section needs EDITING is highligted in YELLOW throughout the paper
6) Leave references below the way they are. Please DO NOT delete any references even if you do NOT see them in the body of the paper.
7) Please let us know your price and I’ll submit the paper along with all the necessary articles. Thanks in advance.


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