Do healthcare epidemiologists controlled the incidence rates of Herpes zoster (shingles) through interventions among elderly in United States?

This is going to be the title ! (( Please feel free to change or modify it , it must follow the hypothesis formula , I don’t kow if the format of the research topic is right ..



Do healthcare epidemiologists controlled the incidence rates of Herpes zoster (shingles) through interventions among elderly in United States?


Research Questions


1-What is herpes zoster (shingles) and how commonly does it occur?What causes herpes zoster (shingles)?Where has HZ occurred

2- does this disease target specific population?if yes, How old? How do people get HZ? What are the symptoms of HZ And how severe is the syndrome? Is it easy to detect people with HZ? Is HZ contagious?

3-What should an individual do if she/he has a contact with HZ case?What is the source of HZ Virus?

4-what are the incidence rates of Herpes Zoster?After conducting a literature search, how many studies were conducted in US?what kind of study designs epidemiologists have used?what is the risk of reoccurrence ?

9-what are the hospitalization rates associated with HZ?

10-what are the mortality rates associated with HZ?

11-Is there vaccine against HZ? What is the treatment?

12-Are healthcare workers at risk from HZ virus?

13-How can we identify best ways to respond to HZ virus?

14-What do scientists and health care professionals recommend?


I will include my Friends Capstone project as an attachment so you can see the format, and overall information required.


Appendix , rates in excel , ratios are highly recommended.

It is mandatory to follow the instructions! Please pay attention to it.


Instructions : (Read carefully, Please )


  1. Collect and organize data related to your selected topic based on the research questions.
  2. Perform the Analysis using MS Excel functions or SPSS. Use tables and charts.
  3. Answer your research questions based on results.
  4. Find at least five articles regarding your selected topic.
  5. Discuss your findings while examining if they relate with the findings from the articles.



I will attach my friend’s Capstone project .. Please take a look. She didn’t follow instruction number 2# though but its mandatory!!!


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