Do state and local taxes affect NBA All-Stars decis

Research Question:
Do state and local taxes affect NBA All-Stars decisions to migrate? 

– Winning Percentage
– State and Local Taxes

To score an A grade on the paper you must follow the following rules:

In this paper the only type of sources allowed is academic source, any other source used will result in an F grade.

1) Find data you will use for your research paper. Clearly cite what source your data comes from.

2) Run a regression on your data in STATA. (If it is not from STATA, it will be ignored, resulting in the failure of the paper). Copy and paste these results into your Word document and format them so they are easily readable. Font should be Courier font.

3) Give a verbal analysis of your results and what you think they mean. What percent of the variance was explained by your regression? Did your independent variables have a statistically significant effect on the dependent variable and by what standard are you evaluating this? What relationship were you expecting to find? Did your analysis match your expectations? Why or why not?

4) Create a scattergraph of your data with a line fit plotted in STATA. Copy and paste this graph into your Word document. (Any graph that is not from STATA will be ignored, resulting in the failure of the paper)

Failure to follow any of the rules listed above will result in the failure of the assignment.


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