Doing Criminology – Podcast Assignment Critical Evaluation 1:

1009CCJ: Doing Criminology
Assessment #1: Critical Reflection #1
Semester 3, 2014
Due: Friday 21 November 2014 by 5pm (Week 5)
Length: 15 minutes audio podcast
Weighting: 25%
Submission: see course profile

Task: Critically reflect on the ethical issues raised in the following two research case studies. Use the following questions to guide your reflection.
What are the key ethical issues raised in each case study?
Why are these concerns in the ethical practice of criminological research?
Would the ethical issues that you have identified change if:
In case study 1, you were studying the experiences and attitudes of police officers to violence, instead of potential offenders?
In case study 2, you were standing on the street late at night and observing the behaviour of patrons leaving clubs and waiting in line for taxis?
Your reflection must be in a presentation format (i.e. a reasoned critical reflection in narrative form), and students must submit a reference list to the lecturer.


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