Dracula chapter 12-14

racula by Bram Stoker
Entry Length = 1 page minimum

Due date = Journals should be completed before the day of discussion. Random journal checks will be held so please bring your journal with you to each class.

Formatting = type journals unless otherwise specified

The Dracula Journal will be comprised of multiple entries that span our reading of the novel. Each entry is meant to analyze the reading – not summarize it. Journals which consist of excessive amounts of summarization will result in few to no points. Entries should utilize the literary terms we have learned throughout the semester. MLA citations are required for this assignment, but a works cited page is not necessary since everyone will be writing about the same book. Do not use outside sources in your journal; the journal is to be comprised of your own thoughts.

Note: Additional entries will be added as the semester unfolds, but each student will be required to include the following entries.

1. An entry on the History of Vampires

2. 3 separate entries on the role of science vs. mysticism in the book

3. An entry for each assigned reading section (see syllabus for chapter reading break-up)

4. The Dracula wind-up writing which will be assigned after the final chapter

5. Any worksheets completed in class on the novel


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