Drama- Directorial Concept for a play

Drama- Directorial Concept for a play

The assignment is based on this play:
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
There are 2 pieces to this assignment
1) The project includes a Concept Statement (1 page) – includes pictures, quotes, musical choices, etc
2)Concept Work Sheet- Filled out

• Using the Concept sheet (See attachment) as your guide, type a concept statement (1 page) in which you explain your ideas for the play and how you think it should be produced. This should be an articulate persuasive piece of writing – your goal is to convince someone that your concept is the best one out there, and that you should be hired as director of the next production of this play.

• Select pictures, quotes, musical choices, etc. that are inspired by and work with your concept idea. These can be found by doing basic research – in books, online, or in your own personal stash. Do NOT seek pictures of productions – these should be random images that seem to “fit” the world of the production you’re envisioning.

• Submit your typed concept statement, Final Directorial Concept Sheet, and all bits of inspiration (music, pics, etc.) as attachments to this assignment.

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