The Rhetoric in Practice (affably nicknamed the RIP) is a creative, analytical writing project during which you’ll have the opportunity to show your understanding of the more basic components of rhetoric—audience, message, purpose, and genre. For this project, you will be the rhetor. As a rhetor, you’re tasked with creating an original, (mostly) written text from a written genre of your choice (mostly) that appeals to a specific audience, in a specific context, and communicates a specific message. You’ll then write a 3-4 page companion essay, in which you’ll analyze your own rhetoric, how it appeals to the audience and context you’ve chosen, and how the choices you made somehow appeal to our genre, Dystopias.

The RIP is a two-part assignment, consisting of a CREATIVE project and a COMPANION essay.

Creative Project:

For the Creative Project, you (as the rhetor) may create a text from a BUZZFEED article – fictional OR realistic.
Your creative project MUST, in some way, address the Dystopian genre. Projects may take place in a fictional dystopia (like Panem), or they may take place in a realistic setting, somewhere in our world.

Companion Essay:

The Companion Essay is a first person, self-referential academic essay in which you will analyze the rhetorical choices you made in your Creative Project. You will first define your genre, audience, context, purpose, and message. Then, you will analyze your choices and how they fit that genre, audience, context, purpose, and message. The final draft of the Companion Essay can be as long as you need it to be, but a minimum page count should fall somewhere around 3-4 pages.


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