Earth Pollution

Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography contains descriptive comments and summaries, as well as evaluative remarks on each source. In addition, bibliographic data, such as information about additional volumes of a multi-volume work or the original version of a translated work may be provided.
For this assignment, research a subject that you would like to address in your final essay. This will provide you with ample opportunity to thoroughly investigate your subject and help you find/ choose a manageable topic/ focus for the fourth essay. Subjects are not limited to those presented in the text. You are invited to pursue anything of interest, and you may find it especially useful to explore subject matter from your major field of study. However, be aware that some topics are unsuitable for this assignment (see “Unsuitable Topics”). Many of these topics’ arguments have been exhausted, provide ample traps for logical fallacies, and just aren’t suitable for English 1102. Any assignment addressing these “Unsuitable Topics” will not be graded.
For your annotated bibliography, find SIX (6) sources related to your chosen subject, and provide a clear, thorough summaries and evaluative comments/annotation for each source. Examples of annotated bibliographies are provided for you under “Sample Anno-Bibs.” You may use either MLA or APA format.
• Be sure to accurately summarize and paraphrase each source.
• If you include anything taken verbatim from your sources, be sure to place it in quotation marks and include a parenthetical citation.
• Parenthetical citations will not be required for paraphrased material.
• The annotated bibliography should be titled (For example–Sexual Harassment: An Annotated Bibliography)
Please, be aware that “Internet Sources” (i.e., sources obtained through Internet search engines, such as Google, wikipedia, Yahoo, and Dogpile) are not appropriate for this assignment. However, you may use your Internet connection as a tool to access full-text articles retrieved through the library’s periodical indexes/databases or to access government documents. This also applies to the fourth essay: Absolutely, positively no “Internet Sources” are permitted, unless they are full-text articles from library databases or government documents.
also I provide an example on the uploud make sure you see and you do it same as look.
Also make presentation for it with 8 mints.


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