Economic, political and legal framework


  1. Q) What examples can you give of the tension that may exist between developers and government regarding producing a sustainable built environment?

Answer include:

1) Definition (past, present, future).

2) Sustainable about (environmental friendly), such as 🙁 buildings friendly), like: school ,,ETC,,..

3) Sustainable buildings for environmental friendly for future.


English Legal System2

  1. Q) Discuss standard form contract?

Appropriate contract choice depends on various issues such as, client, funding source, building type. Identify and discuss features of the standard form contracts available to the construction industry for undertaking various types of building works.

Answer include:

1) Explain ADR: Contracts – Elements – legal- ,,,,.

2) Judicial procedure.


3 Finance Development

Evaluate the impact of the financial framework and environment for firms? Q)


Hamilton, L. and Webster, P., 2009. The international business environment. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   Chapter 10.

4 Responsibility

  1. Q) Examine the meaning of corporate social responsibility, and discuss benefits it may bring for (( economic responsibility and behavior ,social responsibility (dustry),social environment,built environment)) .

*NOTE; Reading

Hamilton, L. and Webster, P., 2012. The international business environment. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   Chapter 11

5 Globalisation

Globalization business environment

  1. Q) Explore drivers of globalisation and consequences for firms in the built environment and their impact on the short and long term?


Hamilton and Webster, 2nd ed.

Chapters 3 and 4……………….


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