In June of 2013, Pfizer’s Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Roy F. Waldron, testified before Congress, insisting that “India’s protectionist and discriminatory policies, which exploit US [intellectual property] to benefit its own industry, require an equally bold response.”1 Focusing on nonmarket strategy, propose one “bold response” that Pfizer might find useful in this regard.


Your INDIVIDUAL paper is to be a maximum of 5 double-spaced pages written in a 12 point font with 1.25 inch margins on the sides, 1 inch margins top and bottom. Endnotes, which are not tallied in your page count, are required. In converting footnotes to endnotes, please change the default Roman numerals to real numbers. Please also insert page numbers, starting with the first page of text (i.e., after the title page). Provide sources for all referenced material, including graphics, figures, and URLs for all web-based content. Graphics and figures should be at the end of your paper, and will not be counted in your page tally.Finally, be sure to define all concepts and acronyms.


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