Elderly Abuse

b. Statement of the Problem

In this section, isolate and state precisely (specifically) and briefly the problem you intend to address in your proposed project and your purpose. Try to avoid being either grandiose or vague. Include here definitions of concepts and terms which are essential to understanding your research, as well as any hypotheses to be tested.

Remember, that your completed research project should be a presentation of your own thinking backed up by the ideas or information of others in the field. Since your paper is analytical, it must utilize research evidence to analyze multiple aspects of your chosen topic.

c. Background and Significance

Here you should demonstrate that you are familiar with existing research relative to your problem and should elaborate on the importance or significance of the proposed Project. A major segment of this section will be a rigorous review of pertinent literature. This review should help specify and determine the boundaries of knowledge which pertain to the problem being addressed. In this section, you should also discuss the relevance of other established theories or related research findings from the field under study, or from a related field.

d. Procedure (your paper only has this section if you are conducting your own primary research).

You should present firmly-developed methods of research which you intend to use in your pursuit of the solution to the problem. The sophistication of the methods selected will be of less concern that the applicability of the methods to the specific problem area. You will be given wide latitude in the selection of methods of approaches to the solution; however, you should be reminded that it is in the area of Procedure that criticism is quite often rendered.

All procedural steps must be consistent with the purpose of study. This section should state clearly and precisely:
1. Sampling Procedure
2. Method of Data Collection
3. Proposed Method of Data Analysis
4. Anticipated Results and Expected Method of Presentation
5. Sample Tables Showing How Data May be Arrayed

(In this section, if you are conducting primary research, ie. qualitative or quantitative, surveys, interviews, case studies, etc, then you should follow the above steps.)


Literature Review (your paper will have this section if you are conducting secondary research, then you should use available electronic databases to conduct an in-depth literature review for your research topic).

e. Findings/Results

Discuss your findings and results based on what you found. You may want to summarize your findings using tables/figures, and then explain and analyze these tables/figures in detail.

f. Discussion/Recommendations/Directions for Future Research

Based on what you found in the literature and/or in your primary research
study, what is your analysis? How does your research relate to the literature?
Are they similar or different? What are the limitations of your study? What
additional/future research should be pursued? Are there any
recommendations or policies?

g. Conclusion

h. Appendices (if any)
Include charts, brochures, other data collected during your research that you think should be included in the final project, but including them in the body of the paper would interrupt the flow. If charts are integral to the argument, include them in the body of the paper.

i. References

You should have a minimum of 15 research articles as references and evidence to support your research. I recommend that you use EBSCO put in key words based on your topic to search and find research articles. Wikipedia and websites are not considered research articles.

Follow the format recommended in APA Publication (see Laulima resources for APA guidelines).

The Final Report (average length approximately 16 pages, double spaced, excluding references and appendices) should be submitted to the Professor for grading at the end of the semester.p(16)

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