Electronic Health Record Implementation

For this assignment, you will consider your own facility’s implementation of its electronic health record, if you have one. If not, you should contact a large health system in your area and talk to their IT department, or you may select one of your clinical sites and contact that IT department. Answer the following questions: 
1. State the EHR mandate. Who started it? When?

2. What are the goals of the mandate?

3. How does the Affordable Care Act tie in to the mandate?

4. Describe your facility’s plan. If you have already implemented a system, what steps were taken? Make sure you use the HealthIT.gov website—be clear!

5. Describe “meaningful use”.

6. Explain the possible threats to patient confidentiality and the ramifications of HIPAA violations. 
This paper should be 3-5 pages long and should be written using APA formatting and citations. 
Please continue to use the principles of setting up an APA paper from week 1 and 2 including introduction and conclusion. 
Address the following: 
Description of the Electronic Health Record (EHR)

 State the EHR mandate. Who started it? When?

 What are the goals and objectives of the mandate? (See lecture)

 How does the Affordable Care Act tie in to the mandate and Obama Administration tie into the mandate? 
Student’s facility’s Plan

 Describe your facility’s plan. Describe each of the six steps listed on the healthit.gov website and how your facility has addressed these steps or how are they progressing towards meeting these steps. (See lecture for steps) 
Discussion of Meaningful Use

 Describe “meaningful use”.

 Describes your facility’s status in attaining it, reasons why or why not, what needs to be done. 
EHRs and Patient Confidentiality

 Definition of HIPAA laws by describing possible threats to patient confidentiality

 What is being done by your facility to prevent HIPAA violations? 
You may use the articles in the readings as a resource for this assignment and you need at least two references for this paper.


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