Electronic report (Automatic Headlight Control Unit)

Automatic Headlight Control Unit

Design and construct an automatic headlight control unit so that it enhances the existing standard headlight circuit using the following components:

Light Dependent Resistor
Variable resistors
555 Timer IC


Construct an automatic headlight control unit on breadboard using the supplied components. The completed project needs to be connected to the headlights through a relay to demonstrate that it is working. ( Note: transistor switch should be connected on the low side)

– Pin 2 Voltage both in dark and daylight conditions
-Calculate the value of the resistor in the transistor connected to Pin 3
-Calculate the headlight switch on delay time.
-Compare the actual readings with the calculated values in a table.

Draw circuit diagram using Multisim or any other suitable electrical drawing software. (no simulation needed).

Explain components details such as description, characteristics, terminals, diagrams, functions, applications, symbols and specifications from data sheet.

555 Timer
BD139 NPN transistor
IN4001 diode
470 uF 16V Capacitor
Relay is code 68048

Brief Operation of the complete project.

Pictures of completed project.

Application in motor vehicle including where and how it will be connected to an existing lighting circuit , draw a circuit diagram

Use PICAXE editor to programme the functions of automatic headlight control light.


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