Elements of report writting

The assigned reading provides the required structure for the report, including sections and sub-sections (think about the discussion on “headings” in chapter 5), with explanations covering the information to be presented in those sections.

2. We will also prepare a draft of your white paper report for a peer review.

Compile the draft introduction, the discussion outline, and the draft recommendation section into a cohesive report. The draft outline should be extended by incorporating research from your sources. The sources you have compiled as information should be referenced in your discussion section. Refer to chapter 4 for guidance on writing the cohesive draft of your paper.

Your draft report should be at least 700 words, with your final report to be between 850 and 1,200 words.

We will peer review the reports the week after Spring Break.

Note: If you do not submit a white paper report draft for the peer review, you cannot peer review other reports, and thus will not receive credit for the assignment.

Reading assignment:

Read The Elements of Technical Writing, pages 139-140 (in chapter 9).
Review pages 153-154 on the memorandum.

Discussion assignment:




Peer/group assignment:


Written assignment #1:

Progress report

The progress report is designed to provide an update on your progress for an organizational-related activity, such as work on a project team, or your status on work connected with a business proposal.

In this situation, the progress report will be used to detail your status to me, Dr. Dallas, on the white paper report. You will write your progress report as a memorandum, so it may be helpful to review the format of a memorandum, on pages 153-154.

The reading in chapter 9 (pages 139-140) gives the required structure (headings) for the progress report, including specific information about what should be included in the sections of the progress report.

Tip #1: Make sure you use the proper “introduction” section in your progress report. This is not the same as the introduction for your white paper report. The progress report discussion in the textbook gives you information on what to put in this section.

Tip #2: The “example” used in the progress report discussion refers to questionnaires. Instead, you will elaborate on the status of your white paper report, and the research efforts for locating the required seven resources.

The progress report memorandum should use your dream job title as the subject, and be:

  • directed to me, Dr. Dallas
  • one- to two-pages long
  • about 200 to 300 words
  • single-spaced
  • formatted using the required progress report section headings listed in the textbook.

Submit your progress report assignment here.

Written assignment #2:

Draft of white paper report

This will be the purpose of our white paper report:

“That a certain solution is best for a particular problem.”

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