Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the opportunity to further explore specific topics within the field of EBD. You are to develop a summation of your knowledge of the key points listed below.
Include least 12 current reference sources. A “current” reference source is defined as a research article or other peer-reviewed source that has been published with the past 5 years. This can also include policy documents from sources such as state departments of education. Theoretical or other sources that are needed to provide clarification or defining descriptions may be older.
• Meaning, characteristics and basic assumptions of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders [ EBD ] 
• Public Policy and Legal Aspects of EBD 
• Familial, medical, and biological aspects of EBD (including at least 2 current reference sources)
• Conduct Disorders (including at least 2 current reference sources)
• Anxiety, depression, and suicide risks as related to EBD 
• Schizophrenia and other mental illness issues as related to EBD (at least 2 current reference sources.)
• Differences and specific challenges between elementary and secondary-aged students with EBD (including at least 2 current reference sources)
o Types / severity of behaviors 
o Issues related to behavior and classroom management specific to EBD students
• Implications for inclusion of EBD students in general education classrooms
• Implications for the instructional planning and assessment


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