Employability and Personal Development

Section 1

In this section you need to write a 1500 word personal reflective commentary (learning log) generated from reflection on lectures and teaching materials, alumni event, graduate recruitment fair, workshop activity, individual reading and progress on your personal development.


You need to address the following key questions:

  1. a) How do modern career forms differ from traditional ones and what does this mean for you and your future career? (200 words)
  2. b) What does the current graduate labour market look like and what does this mean for you? This reflection can be a general overview or focussed on your particular discipline, for example finance. All students can use their home country as the context. (300 words)
  3. c) What is employability? (200 words)
  4. d) What did you learn from the alumni event and from the graduate recruitment fair that you will use to help you with your employability? If you have not attended an alumni or graduate recruitment fair then you are required to justify and explore the benefits of attending such events and how they can help you with your employability (200 words)



  1. e) How employable are you? Include commentary on your intended career path and suitability for your identified target position after graduation. Summarise what you see are your transferable skills by undertaking several self-analysis tools that you have come across, e.g. emotional intelligence, personality/psychometric tests, learning styles questionnaire etc. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and highlight how employable you think you currently are. (400 words)
  2. f) A conclusion with either an outcome (e.g. appointment to a placement, internship, promotion, ideas for a career change, application for higher education) or planned next steps.


Continuous engagement with the course material will therefore be compulsory to obtain a pass grade on this module.

In your log it is important to remember that description of the activity undertaken will not contribute to your grade. The emphasis should be on discussing what you have learned, how you have developed and how you will use this to develop your career success. To obtain more than a ‘satisfactory’ grade (D) for this element of the portfolio, you must also demonstrate within the learning log that you have undertaken additional independent research around the topic area within your own study time.







Section 2

In this section of your portfolio much of the material is geared towards helping you establish what you want to do once you graduate. This might entail seeking employment, starting your own business or going on to complete further education.

This part of the coursework therefore, requires you to demonstrate how well you can deploy/sell yourself (an important aspect of employability). You will also be graded on the appropriateness of the job you have selected (or business concept), i.e. it must be well matched to YOUR skills, knowledge, attitudes, abilities and experience.


You need to address and include the following items:

  1. a) You need to write a 500 word discussion of your identified target position after graduation consistent with the reflective commentary in section 1. This needs to be a written piece about the type of job, promotion, business or further education programme you will be aiming for after graduation. Remember this must be related to what you have talked about in coursework 1.
  2. b) You need to produce a detailed personal SWOT analysis (presented in a table format) and then discuss your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the marketplace, and focused upon your career aspirations. Your discussion needs to build upon and develop the discussion you held in part e (section 1). (500 words).
  3. c) A fully completed and up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (contained in an appendix).



  1. d) Find a job or placement (this can be a graduate placement or further education programme) and prepare an application for your target position/placement.


This must include:

  1. A written covering letter;
  2. An application form for your chosen role/placement;
  3. A detailed personal statement (1 page of A4) supporting your application. This needs to outline your key skills, knowledge, qualities and capabilities in line with the job description and person specification for that position (or for the higher education programme). If you are applying for a placement then you must submit the job description and person specification along with your covering letter and personal statement in support of your application (in the appendix). If you are applying for a higher education programme, please submit a copy of the institution programme in the appendix.
  4. e) A 1000 word proposal for a business idea that outlines the business concept, viability, finance, marketing ideas and competitors that need to be considered and identified.


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