Energy-water nexus for Northern California and Southern California

Prepare a scientific report on the energy water nexus for Northern California and Southern California. For both regions, the report should:
Provide information on total energy and water use
• Describe the sources of energy and water
• Provide an overview of energy use by sector (e.g. transportation, residential ,commercial,industrial,electric power generation, agricultural, water supply and treatment, wastewater collection and treatment, etc.)
• Provide an overview of water use by sector(e.g. agricultural, industrial, energy
production, commercial, residential, etc.)
• Quantify the proportion/percentage of energy used for the transportation of raw
water, water treatment, and distribution of the treated water to end1users
• Quantify the proportion/percentage of energy used for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater
• Quantify the proportion/percentage of water used for the purpose of energy

also attache the hardcopy of the report, submit the first page of all the materials cited.


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