English Law

English Law


Paper instructions:
W222 EMA questions

Electronic Submission of Your End of Module Assessment
You will need to submit your EMA via the electronic submission system, in a
similar way to the process you have been following for Tutor Marked
Assessments (eTMAs). Full information on the EMA electronic submission is
sent by the Open University’s Examinations Department 4-5 weeks before the cut
off date which will give you all the information you need. (For students who have
alternative eTMA submission arrangements in place these will also apply to the
EMA submission.)
Please note, however, that as per other modules that use the electronic
submission system, your EMA submission will be automatically scanned by the
plagiarism detection software used by the University.

1.1 EMA 01
Explain the extent to which EU competition law controls the terms of
agreements made between suppliers and their distributors. Consider what

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